A report on deforestation mitigation strategies

The total area of China is 9, km2 see Chinaso it means plantsquare kilometres more [24]. Increasing harvest rotation lengths will increase certain carbon pools while the same A report on deforestation mitigation strategies will decrease others Kurz et al.

Not only does forest management options for mitigation result in reduced greenhouse gas emissions, it also results in a variety of socio-economic development and environmental protection benefits.

Scientists say halting deforestation 'just as urgent' as reducing emissions

The efficiency of forest policies themselves are influenced by many factors such as land tenure, institutional and regulatory capacity of governments, the financial competetiveness of forestry and a society's cultural relationship to forests IPCC, This causes an increase of about a factor of four in the frequency of fires due to longer and hotter dry seasons.

These assumptions vary greatly across studies. This allows for higher biodiversity levels in the different sections of the forests and prevents genetic degradation of species in too small habitats.

Developing Canada's national forest carbon monitoring, accounting and reporting system to meet the reporting requirements of the Kyoto Protocol. Sustainable development implications click image to enlarge. The process of providing storage for a substance.

Mitigation Strategies

Ecosystems and Human Well-being Synthesis. Sub-Saharan Africa[ edit ] One plan in this region involves planting a nine-mile width of trees on the Southern Border of the Sahara Desert.

Forest change dynamics as determined by the FAO click image to enlarge. Estimates exist of the required cost of carbon in order to make avoided deforestation as valuable as deforestation.

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Working Paper, Environmental Defence. Figure 4 shows the interactions among the different sectors and the forest management sector. Other management policies such as sustainable forest management or by providing economic return from non-timber products and forest uses which do not involve tree removal, such as for instance eco-tourism IPCC, Cambridge University Press, Additionally, forest disturbances can lead to a dangerous outcome of erosion in the case of heavy rainfalls in which there are no trees to retain soil in that location.

On the long term, the IPCC states that a sustainable forest management strategy aimed at maintaining or increasing forest carbon stocks while producing an annual and sustained yield of timber, fibre or energy from the forest will generate the largest sustained mitigation benefits IPCC, Four different management categories Like the IPCC report, this description differentiates the management options into four different management categories.

The IPCC concludes their assesment of forest mitgation options with the notion that forestry can make a "very significant contribution to a low-cost global mitigation portfolio that provides synergies with adaptation and sustainable development IPCC, This includes reforestation after timber harvest, among other programs.

This is often cited as one of the major causes of the enhanced greenhouse effect for two reasons: The duration of carbon storage in wood products ranges from days biofuels to centuries e. Supporters believe these restrictions are sufficient at reducing greenhouse-gas emissions, while detractors argue that the restrictions do not do enough to mitigate the problem.

The annual harvest can be equalized with or below the annual forest increment and therefore allowing forest carbon stocks to be maintained or to increase.


FAO Forestry Paper Energy obtained from sources that are renewed at once, or fairly rapidly, by natural or managed processes that can be expected to continue indefinitely.

The size of the forest area in Germany increased between the first and the second forest inventory due to forestation of degenerated bogs and agricultural areas.

For the remainder of this description afforestation is used to imply either afforestation or reforestation. For example, plants—through photosynthesis—transform carbon dioxide in the air into organic matterwhich either stays in the plants or is stored in the soils. Wood products derived from sustainably managed forests address the issue of saturation of forest carbon stocks.

Avoided deforestation results in the protection of wildlife habitats, and thus protecting the species that occupy that habitat from habitat destruction.

Mitigation Strategies Introduction Climate change mitigation is any human action that reduces the sources of or enhances the sinks of greenhouse gases. Greenhouse Gas Mitigation Potential in U.

When used to displace fossil fuels, woodfuels can provide sustained carbon benefits, and constitute a large mitigation option.Deforestation: Causes, Effects and Control Strategies 5 deforestation are maintained.

Indeed some 31 countries do not even make the list because.

Forest management techniques for mitigation (REDD+)

CRS Report for Congress Prepared for Members and Committees of Congress Deforestation and Climate Change Ross W. Gorte Specialist in Natural Resources Policy Pervaze A.

Sheikh Climate change mitigation strategies have focused on reducing emissions of greenhouse gases (GHGs), especially. The mitigation costs of reduced deforestation depend on the cause of deforestation (timber or fuelwood extraction, conversion to agriculture, settlement, or infrastructure), the associated returns from the non-forest land use, the returns from potential alternative forest uses, and on any compensation paid to the individual or institutional.

Mitigation practices Sources of emissions Trade agriculture’s role in deforestation. This is a massive number, comparable in scale to the transportation sector. Further, this ratio can be even higher in developing countries where the agriculture and forestry Summary of Strategies This report was commissioned to identify GHG mitigation.

1 Deforestation: Causes, Effects and Control Strategies Sumit Chakravarty 1, S. K. Ghosh 2, C. P. Suresh 2, A. N.

Dey 1 and Gopal Shukla 3 1Department of Forestry 2Pomology & Post Harvest Technology, Faculty of Horticulture Uttar Banga Krishi Viswavidyalaya, Pundibari 3ICAR Research Complex for Eastern Region, Research Center, Plandu Ranchi India 1.

Introduct. climate change and their contribution to mitigation strategies may be influenced by stresses possibly resulting from it. Socio- forestry mitigation options will have substantial co-benefits in increased attention to reducing emissions from deforestation as a low cost mitigation option, and with significant positive side-effects (Stern.

A report on deforestation mitigation strategies
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